Over the past few days, thousands of betwixt Facebook users wondered what those developers at Facebook were smoking as they changed the layout and started categorizing one’s friends, family, in-laws, outlaws, past employers, old neighbors, old girlfriends or boyfriends, etc.

Natalie Porter Martin

Status updates like these expressed the frustration of many:

Natalie Porter Martin: FB, you are really getting on my nerves with the constant changes.

Samantha Lugo

Samantha I. Lugo: Ok. Facebook is doing really weird things now … the robots are taking over.

It seems like the Zuckerberg Group, wanted to enhance the user experience and make it more like Google+.  Now you don’t have to be friends with people, you can “subscribe” to their posts, or limit who sees your posts by categorizing them whichever way you want.

One of the best comments came from my old friend Tom O’Hanlon (College Professor & Radio Broadcaster):

Tom O'Hanlon

Tom O’Hanlon: Mark Zuckerberg showed up at my house this morning. So far, he’s arranged the foods in the refrigerator by color and height and now he’s going through my music library notifying stores, marketers and friends of what I like. I just don’t like those things full of electrodes that he wants to put on all of our heads. Facebook…working harder to brand us all.

If all the new changes have left you confused, check out this video from “social media & weather geek” Brad Panovich, he’s the Chief Meteorologist at WCNC/NewsChannel 36, the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, NC:  (Click link below. Sorry, no embedded player because the new FB changes don’t include embed codes!)


BTW, I’m thinking of adding this as my new status:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN @ FACEBOOK: While change can be a good thing (if it ultimately leads to a “better” Facebook experience),  we the users of Facebook  simply ask that you give us a courtesy heads-up that changes are coming and don’t leave us in a lurch!

What do you think?