Fall in Northwestern New Jersey Photo Credit: NJSkylands.com

With all due respect to my friends in Colorado and colder regions, the calendar says October and we’re just now at the peak of folliage here in Northwestern New Jersey. It’s really picturesque this time of year, but what’s disheartening is our latest weather forecast.

According to the National Weather Service, we’ll be getting socked with snow. Not just New Jersey, but Pennsylvania, New York & Connecticut will also be affected. We’re in for “a swatch of heavy wet, and potentially damaging snow” with accumulations of anywhere from 6″-10″.

Winter Storm Warning for NJ/NY/PA

Even though Fall is barely into its first month, there have been actual recorded October snowstorms in the Northeast. On October 10, 1979, Philadelphia got 2.1″ of snow. Meteorologists say the wacky weather, especially the recent floods in the Mid-Atlantic up through New England can be blamed on La Niña, which is associated with cooler than normal water temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

So, now my hurricane kit can be repurposed to become my snowstorm kit. Non-perishable food – Check! Batteries & Flashlights – Check! Now, where the heck are my snowboots?!

October Winter Storm Warning - Photo Credit: The Weather Channel/Weather.com

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