Crews cutting a tree that fell on Power Line in Stillwater, NJ Photo Credit: AP/Rich Schultz

Last weekend’s autumnal snowstorm really socked the Northeast, especially Northwestern New Jersey, New York’s Hudson Valley, and the entire State of Connecticut.  Downed multicolored trees littered the landscape, blocking roads, knocking down power lines and occasionally landing on cars and homes. Throughout the region, the power was out for several days.  The sounds of portable generators and the odor of wood burning fireplaces filled the air both day and night.

It’s not the first time people have lost power, but it’s the first major storm/widespread natural disaster where anyone and almost everyone updated their status on social media.   The great thing about Facebook & Twitter is you don’t need a computer anymore.  A mobile phone or tablet (on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T) will keep you and your peeps connected.

Bergen County, NJ - "This one's for the history books!" - D.O.

Here are some of the conversations overheard on Facebook & Twitter:

D.O. – “What a nightmare…huge tree branches all over my yard, deck badly damaged, all my outdoor plants frozen, and this ain’t over any time soon.”

We Tweeted this one:
@MalaveMedia – Official tally: 9″ of #snow in #Hackettstown. And a different kind of “snap, crackle, & pop” this morning with lots of trees down.

Day 4: Chillin' by the Fireplace in Warren County, NJ

R.C. – “Relaxing. Toasty feet.”

Then the next day… our friend, R.C. posted – “Day 5 without power. First day I’m actually losing a day of work. No vacation here buddy. Not very easy to sleep at night with everyone’s generator on including mine but we carry on. My 4 year old woke up today saying “Daddy I want to go home”. Yeah, I guess she notices the difference in the quality of our lives now. It was hard to say but I had to break the news to her…
“Honey we are home” :(“

One NYC Veteran Radio Newscaster stuck without power grew a beard in protest and he posted this picture to signal the return of electricity to his abode.

Power is Back: Bye-bye Beard!

And just in time for the next disaster, FEMA Director Craig Fugate tells us that on November 9th @ 2pm/ET, this Country will be conducting a “national” test of the #EAS (Emergency Alert System). Don’t worry it’s only a test! Click on the Video for more information:

Gotta love this social media!

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