Black Friday somewhere in the USA

For all those brave souls who ventured out on Black Friday and communed with their computers on Cyber Monday, I salute you!   I hope you found the deals and products you were looking for.   Santa did get some good deals on Legos for a certain almost 8 year old who lives in my household.

If you’re like most folks, shopping for a loved one with their Christmas wish list is makes life easier for all parties involved.   Speaking from a guy’s perspective, it’s a no brainer and will ultimately save you a trip back to the store for returns.

This Christmas, I don’t want the latest tablet, smartphone or camera.  While all those things are nice, and may “simplify my life”; it’s just more… stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a Grinch or an Ebenezer Scrooge; I really appreciate the thought, but why not give a gift to someone who really needs it?

This year, I’m asking you to join me in purchasing an item from World Vision’s Gift Catalog.  You can purchase an animal like a goat, a chicken or a duck for a family in a developing country.  That animal can provide food and income to deserving family.   You can also help donate towards the drilling of a well to bring clean water to a rural community in need.

There are other gifts too — like giving towards a microloan fund for women.   As loans are repaid, the funds are used to provide new loans to others. Your gift can also help fight human trafficking of children and women who are victims of sex slave trade worldwide.

Now doesn’t that sound like a meaningful gift?  You can donate in honor of anyone.  Check out these videos:


There are other great organizations doing similar work and are also worthy of your consideration:

Thanks for helping to make this a truly meaningful Christmas to others in need!