With about a week to go until Christmas, it just seems like some of my friends need to add a little bit of “WEPA!” to their Holiday festivities.

What is “WEPA”?  Well, it’s not a Radio or TV station in Puerto Rico, Miami or New York (…but it should be!)   It’s the typical Puerto Rican cry that means anything from “Yeah, Baby!”, “Oh, Yeah!”, “Yahoo!”, or any other sentiment exuding excitement or exhilaration.

So how to you add a little Puerto Rican style WEPA! to your Christmas?  Click on this video and feel free to dance around, shake your booty and channel that inner “dancing with a star” that’s been hiding inside of you!  Music courtesy of Gilberto Santa Rosa & the legendary El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico…

Feliz Navidad!  Merry Christmas!