Thousands hit the streets in Puerto Rico to protest the Island’s Economic Crisis

In a story you may not hear today on your preferred news source, thousands of U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico are now taking to the streets to protest the federal government’s austerity measures to resolve the American territory’s $70 billion debt crisis.

flags_prProtests are taking place at the University of Puerto Rico’s main campus in Rio Piedras and in the Hato Rey financial district’s “Milla de Oro” (The Golden Mile).

Here’s coverage from some local & national news outlets:

El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico’s leading newspaper)

WKAQ/Telemundo Puerto Rico:

The Associated Press:

Background stories from NBC News & Reuters:

Puerto Rico’s Debt: Why Bankruptcy Isn’t an Option:

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Approves GDB Liquidation Plan

On 100th Anniversary of U.S. Citizenship, Puerto Rico Still Grappling With Its Identity

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